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QUICKPACK™ Travel Accessories

The quickpack products help you to customize any pack or duffle to personalize it to your needs. Organize smaller items. Minimize wrinkled clothing. Separate clean and soiled clothing. Keep all your electronics, cables, adapters, batteries and chargers together. Everyone has different needs and there’s a quickpack solution to virtually all of them.

When you’re traveling for business or pleasure there are so many things to think about or remember. When you reach your destination you don’t waste time looking for something or worse - remembering you never packed it. Starting your travels prepared and organized helps minimize the risk of forgetting something critical. Time saving and practical for travel, work, or school. Multiple sizes to fit your needs.

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A rigid pouch designed for folded clothing to reduce wrinkles.
Bloq Series
Zippered pouches with a mesh window to view contents.
Bloq Expandable
Expandable bloq pouch for additional storage.
Flash Pouches
Flat pouches with a zippered closure and vinyl-lined mesh.

Flash Fold
Flash pouch with folding capability and multiple pockets.
Stuff Sacks
Compress clothing with these stuff sacks for a secure fit.
Mesh Stuff Sacks
Compress clothing with mesh stuff sacks and view contents.
Featured with Bugout Bag
Use quickpack products to store essentials into your #5016.

Dealers carrying Quickpack™: Amazon | Hayneedle | Luggage Pros | Wayfair

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