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Gear Packs
Includes the popular Bugout Bag, Three Day Pass, and Rolling Load Out.
Call for USA-manufacturded bags.
Pack Mule™ Frame Systems
Pack Mule™ frames distribute and handle heavy weight better allowing for more comfortable travel.
S.O.C. Outlet
Clearance and overstock items! Choose from discounted Piper Gear™ bags, Quickpack™ items, and more!
S.O.C. Tactical
New tactical gear packs, MOLLE compatible pouches, slings, bags, belts, and more.

Business & Travel
Travel in style with these professional packs, accessories, and I.D. wallets.

Bugout Zombie Edition
Are you prepared for the zombie apocalypse? Load your Bugout Zombie packs with knives and ammo!
Piper Gear™ Recreational
Packs designed for the recreational users and explorers. Both near and far, adventure awaits.
Quickpack™ Travel Accessories
Customize any pack or duffle to personalize it to your needs. Pack smarter and more efficient with Quickpack.

Hydration CompatibleLightweightHydration Compatible
Laptop ProtectionBicyclist FriendlyAirplane Convenience

Find the perfect pack
that suits your lifestyle.
SOC Catalog 20162016 PRODUCT CATALOG
Check out our latest gear packs, recreational backpacks, and more.

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